Monthly Archives: January 2014

All change is for the worst.

Where this phrase is from I don’t know. It reminds me of something that happened today.

I was asked to taste test a cola brand in comparison to another brand. The deal was if i simply tried them and gave them my opinion on which i thought was better I got a free can of their new cola drink. Pretty sweet deal.

I tasted the first one and then tasted the second one. I was then asked which one I thought was better. Before I could think of an answer I was taken a aback by the differences in taste. Clearly the second one tasted less familiar than the first. It’s familiarity gave me a positive response. The second one was unfamiliar and just for that reason I did not like it. I then pondered this situation some more. Maybe the second drink “was” better and it’s great taste was simply being subdued by my lack of confidence in new things. I savored the taste that remained in my mouth once again. Yes, that’s it, I thought, this has a positively more delightful taste than the drink I’m used to. By then, the tester was giving me an impatient look so I decided to give him my verdict.

As I was about to say it, I reflected on how fortunate it was that I would not have to let the market researcher down on his organisations hopes for an improved future drink, especially since it was planned that I would be a direct benefactor of this research investment. Further fortunate still that I had equipped myself to fully enjoy the drink I was destined to be rewarded in due time. I gave my response took my new free drink and was on my way.

On the way home I started to feel sick in my stomach. What a crap tasting drink I thought. Oh, the irony. It reminded me of other experimental drinks that had been tried before. None of which I had liked. Vanilla coke was good but I was thinking about cherry coke, coke zero and the legend of New Coke which was before my time. Although the sensation of the drink on my tongue was arguably superior, it really didn’t matter so much. I remember the first time I drank coca cola and how it tasted like motor oil. I don’t know how well I could have anticipated how poorly the drink went down but what I do know is this. The word taste has a spectrum of meaning from the short term sensation something gives you to the long term satisfaction you think something will have. In future, I will try to assign a more balanced approach to the word taste it deserves.