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Google Search Bar dilemma

Note: this is an old article I wrote around 2004 which Ihave transferred to this blog.


You go over to your friend(some friend…) house or anywhere which has a stock installation of IE and you realize:
“Oh no, my Google Search bar has gone. That means you will have to traverse one more link before arriving at my destination”( etc).

This tutorial is an attempt at avoiding the usual break out of rage which typically occurs in such situations.


Type in the address bar:<search-query>

note: terms dilimited by “+” signs.

note: quotes are specified by the string “%20”.

note: The btni specifies the magic Google option I’m Feeling
lucky which can effectively save 2 links.
*remember the “I” in “btnI” is case sensitive.

note: adding /groups/ will make it try search within google groups

note: this is the quick way to access your fav group

note: this is the way to search for a particular group.

There is heaps more you can do with google searches if you
go to the site and click help. this stuff is just
undocumented by them.