Monthly Archives: September 2018

HTML5 Showcase

I’ve started a new project I call the html showcase.

view it at

github at

The idea for this is to have page featuring as many html elements and styles on the one page. This will be useful for beginners and also for pros who want speed dial documentation to that rare html tag or style. This should also work as a kind of caniuse test with a real result to show what a html widget or style looks like in said browser.

Happy to accept pull requests.

Making the Roman alphabet out of Chinese characters

Some unicode characters kind of look similar to characters latin alphabet without being in that range to begin with. I was inspired by the text “乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚” (extra thicc) I saw on reddit. Not sure of the exact origin. I wanted to find characters for all the letters in the alphabet that look like Chinese characters. Unfortunately, some weren’t so easy to find. For instance, I couldn’t find something that looks much like the letter “v”. After finding lookalikes for all the alphabet, I went and created a tool at

I’m not sure on the name. Maybe something like kanjlatin or chicode would be better.

The full listing of the alphabet reads:


some examples:

廾乇辶辶口 山口尺辶勺

廾口山 卂尺乇 丫口凵?

七山口 尸辶凵丂 十山口 工丂 于口凵尺

I think it works fairly well. It will probably be a little cryptic to read but isn’t that half the fun of it?