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Radians are stupid

Why do we measure angles in terms of fractions of pi? Because trigonometric functions are defined in terms of pi. So why are trigonometric functions defined in terms of pi? Because angles are defined in terms of pi. Pi isn’t even a rational number. Not only is it irrational, it’s trancedental which means it can’t be expressed as the root of a polynomial.You’d would be hard pressed to find a unit lessorderly to base angles off of.

Angles should be measured in terms of 1. That way 45 degrees or whatever radians are 1/4 which makes more sense because it’s a quarter turn.


Why you might not want to run nodejs

  1. Whereas Features for javascript on the browser require implementation in multiple browsers before people start using them limiting the advance of the language, nodejs like to implement coming ecmascript standards whether on not browsers are going to adopt them or so the language can just quite quickly.
  2. There is no typechecking when installing so less information to tell you weather two libraries will work together is available. The language is veryweakly typed as well, so even if checking was done it would not be nearly as good as a strongly typed language
  3. It’s interpreted, meaning it’s slower than pre-compiled languages.
  4. No threads.