The state of programming languages

As people have said, Javascript has become the bytecode of the internet. I think this merits a new name, which I will call “webcode”. The Typescript language adds static typing to javascript so i think it is a good candidate for a language that compiles to webcode. Here are some more languages and the niches they fill.

  • Assembly – Compile to specific machine code
  • C – Compile – Compile to machine code
  • Java – Compile to bytecode
  • C# – Compile to bytecode with specialised microsoft support
  • Objective C – Compile to hardware with specialised apple support
  • JavaScript – Run interpreted with special browser support
  • F# – Compile High level code to bytecode with special microsoft support
  • Haskell – Compile High level code to machine code
  • Clojure – Compile high level code to java bytecode or webcode.
  • Scala – Compile high level code to bytecode with java and static types.
  • TypeScript – Compile to webcode with static types.


Edit 4/02/2015:

  • Go – C with garbage collection

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